Oxnard Gasoline and Diesel Fuel at Competitive Prices in a Convenient Location!

If you’re looking for affordable gasoline prices at a clean and friendly environment, then please visit us. We’re right of the 101 North at the Rice Ave. exit! Easy off… Easy on. We have immaculate restrooms, a well stocked convenience store, and a drive-thru car wash so you can leave completely spotless. Gas up, wash up, and eat up! All in one place!

Also, if you decide to get your car washed in our touchless car wash, you will receive an extra $0.20 off per gallon on all fuel types, making our pricing extremely competitive with our neighbors such as Costco Fuel.

Auto Fuels is a virtual gateway to the best shopping areas of Oxnard, like Costco, Oxnard Auto Center, Fry’s Electronics, Guitar Center, and more. Or, for those who are traveling up to Santa Barbara and beyond, we’re are a quick off-and-on at Rice Avenue and the 101 freeway. So when you’re thinking, “I need a gas station near me,” look no further. We’re here 24 hours a day to provide you with the best service possible.

Does the promise of outstanding service, convenience, great food, competitive fuel prices, and saving a half-hour of your day sound good? It’s yours to have when you stop at Auto Fuels gas station in Oxnard. Gas up with quality fuel, and get a great discount with the purchase of a car wash in our touchless car wash! Then, move along to do your shopping—with the benefits of having eaten great food, and without the hassles of long gas and car wash lines.

Oxnard Car Wash

Auto Fuels gas station has recently made extensive improvements to our touchless car wash. Using a combination of chemical washes and high-pressure touchless spraying systems, our Radius HT system will make sure that you leave with a spotless and shining car. As opposed to automatic car washes that use brushes and heavy-handed scrubbing attachments, our touchless system uses highly pressurized water and chemicals at a safe distance which in turn preserves the finish on your car. When you purchase a car wash, you will also receive an additional $0.20 off per gallon of gas when you fill your tank up on the same trip. You have the option to purchase a car wash either from the pump directly, or you can head into our convenience store and pay the attendant with cash or a credit/debit card. Whichever method you choose, you will see your savings reflected in your total. You will not find better deals on gasoline or car washes anywhere else in Oxnard. Stop by and let us clean your car and save you some money!

Vehicle going through the Oxnard brushless car wash at Auto Fuels
Snacks for sale at convenience mart in Oxnard.

Oxnard Convenience Store

There is nothing worse than needing to stop for a break and having no other choice than a filthy convenience store bathroom, poorly stocked shelves, and an unfriendly attendant. Here at Auto Fuels gas station, we always make sure that our convenience store shelves are fully stocked, that our bathrooms are always completely spotless, and that our attendants are attentive, friendly, and helpful. Whether you need gas, a snack, a cold beverage, or just a place to pull off the freeway and use a restroom, our Oxnard convenience store has you covered. Come visit us today and see the Auto Fuels difference for yourself.

Featured Products

Our current featured products are specialty beverages, including Yerba Mate, BANG Energy, and RedLine. We have all available flavors of the cold BANG Energy drinks! Click here to view more images of the products we offer in our Convenience Store.


$.20 cent discount per gallon
When purchasing a car wash

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