A row of Frazil Slushy machines, some of our beach supplies near Hobson Park West, Oxnard, California.
Summertime in Southern California is a truly spectacular season, inviting families and friends to gather at the beach while relaxing, playing, and soaking up the sun. The beaches in Ventura County are especially popular, offering pleasant sands, gentle waves, and memorable sunsets. However, to help ensure a comfortable and overall enjoyable beach day, it’s vital to bring the right supplies with you. The Convenience Store at Auto Fuels Gas Station is your go-to destination for the best beach supplies near Hobson Park West, Oxnard, California. We offer a wide variety of high-quality items at budget-friendly prices, coupled with superior customer service that sets us apart from the rest.

ICEEs Near Me

Beach-goers know the importance of staying properly hydrated and refreshed under the often scorching sun. At our Convenience Store, you’ll find an extensive selection of cold beverages perfect for keeping cool. Our Hobson Park West, Oxnard ICEEs and Frazil Frozen Slushies are consistent summertime favorites for kids and adults alike, providing a sweet and icy treat to beat the heat. Beyond these delightful frozen drinks, we routinely stock a wide range of other cold beverages, including Spring Water bottles, bottled coffee drinks for a caffeine boost, refreshing bottled teas, and sports drinks to replenish electrolytes. Additionally, our ample supply of ice bags is perfect for keeping your cooler stocked, ensuring your food and beverages remain at an ideal temperature throughout the day.

We offer far more than just drinks and ice. Our Convenience Store is fully equipped with a variety of other essential items for your beach trip or other summertime vacation. Protect your eyes from the glaring sun with our selection of stylish and functional sunglasses. Keep cool and shield your head and face from harmful UV rays with our range of hats, available in various styles to suit your taste. To ensure you stay connected and capture every moment of your outing, we also sell cell phone cables and chargers, so your devices remain powered throughout the day.
Hats and sunglasses for sale, some of our Hobson Park West, Oxnard summer essentials.

Hobson Park West Road Trip Supplies

In addition to providing the top beach and summer trip supplies near Hobson Park West, we also take immense pride in offering exceptional customer service. Our spacious Convenience Store is painstakingly maintained, creating a tidy and inviting environment for all shoppers. We believe that a pleasant shopping experience starts with a clean and well-organized space. Our friendly and knowledgeable attendants are also on hand to assist you in finding exactly what you need and to answer any questions you might have. Whether you’re a local resident or just passing through on your way to adventure, you’ll feel welcomed and valued at our store.

When you’re back from your beach trip, we also encourage you to take your vehicle through our cost-effective, 24/7 Brushless Car Wash. Our system provides a wonderful exterior clean without the use of potentially harmful brushes or scrubbers.

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Our team has worked hard to ensure that the Convenience Store at Auto Fuels Gas Station stands out as one of the top spots for beach supplies and other vacation essentials near Hobson Park West, Oxnard, California. We remain dedicated to providing a wide range of high-quality items at affordable prices, helping you make sure you have everything you need for a perfect day at the beach or elsewhere. Our unmatched customer service and well-stocked, clean environment make shopping with us a true delight. Whether you’re planning a full day at the beach or just a quick visit to enjoy some sun and surf, make sure to swing by our Convenience Store for your summer trip needs. We look forward to serving you at our Oxnard location and helping you make the most of your vacation days.