Car being rinsed in our touchless car wash near Costco Wholesale Oxnard, CA.
Vehicle going through the Costco Wholesale Oxnard, CA brushless car wash at Auto Fuels.

Auto Fuels’ Costco Wholesale Car Wash provides an easy, affordable, and efficient way to have your vehicle’s exterior cleaned in no time at all. Rather than spending the time and effort washing the car yourself, you can get one of the most competitively priced Car Washes near Costco Wholesale in the city of Oxnard. You’ll even save $0.20 per gallon on gas when you purchase a wash and fill up your tank on the same visit.

Our Car Wash near Costco Wholesale Oxnard, CA uses high-pressure water and a proven chemical mixture to safely remove the dirt and filth from your car’s surface, while at the same time protecting its finish. Stop in today to experience a superb Drive-Thru Car Wash – we are located off Rice Ave. exit of the 101 Freeway.

Vacuum your vehicle at our car wash near Costco Wholesale Oxnard, CA.
Cleaning supplies at our Costco Wholesale Oxnard, CA touchless car wash.

Costco Wholesale Touchless Car Wash

The Touchless Car Wash at Auto Fuels near Costco Wholesale Oxnard, CA is always ready to get your vehicle shiny again. After you run your car through the automated system, you can pull around, park, and grab some top-quality finishing supplies from our vending machines. With Cloth Towels, Glass Cleaners, Leather Wipes and more available, we make it easy to keep your car looking its best. You can also clean out the interior with our Power Vacuum.

If you’re looking to save time and money while getting your car fresh and clean, you should absolutely try out the Costco Wholesale Touchless Car Wash at Auto Fuels in Oxnard. We have a variety of wash packages available, and are confident that our Brushless Car Wash experience will exceed your expectations. You can also come into the Convenience Store and grab some delicious snacks and refreshing beverages as well!