Shelves with a variety of chips and snacks near North State, Santa Barbara CA.
Shelf at gas station convenience store near North State, Santa Barbara CA with a variety of essential home and auto supplies.

Any commuter who has gone to a number of gas stations knows that they can differ greatly in terms of restroom cleanliness, gas pricing, product availability, service quality, and a whole host of other important factors. That being the case, some may feel as though they are forced to decide between a variety of options, none of which are ideal. What is more important, competitive gasoline prices or a Convenience Store that is hygienic, welcoming, and filled with the products you need? At Auto Fuels Gas Station, we believe that our valued customers should be able to get the best of everything in one convenient location. That is why many consider us to be a top Convenience Store near the North State neighborhood of Santa Barbara.

Perfectly positioned near the Arrellaga St. or Carrillo St. exit of the 101 Freeway, Auto Fuels Gas Station’s Convenience Store is committed to providing an unmatched customer experience along with prices that will work well for most peoples’ budgets. We believe that customers are deserving of much better options than they typically have. That is why our friendly and helpful staff works hard to keep our North State, Santa Barbara Convenience Store well-stocked and tidy throughout the day. We also prioritize keeping our restrooms clean and properly sanitized for customers to use.

Vintage gas sign hanging in top convenience store near North State, Santa Barbara CA.
Refrigerators with a wide selection of cold beverages at convenience store near North State, Santa Barbara CA.

North State Gas Station Convenience Store

At Auto Fuels Gas Station, we aim to do our part in making your daily life as comfortable and hassle-free as we possibly can. In addition to having some of the cleanest gas station bathrooms around, we also have an ATM on-site and offer affordable propane exchange and Sunoco Race Fuel. By offering so much in one location, we help you to avoid unnecessary stops that will take valuable time out of your day.

Additionally, those visiting our Gas Station Convenience Store near North State, Santa Barbara will quickly discover that we have a fantastic variety of home supplies, auto supplies, snacks, drinks, and more on our ample shelves. With such a wide range of products at one’s fingertips, even the most selective of customers are sure to find a number of viable options.

Top Convenience Store near North State, Santa Barbara – Auto Fuels Gas Station

Auto Fuels Gas Station makes sure to maintain the convenience of our Convenience Store near North State, Santa Barbara with top-tier customer service, quality products at competitive prices, and exceptionally clean restrooms. Stop by, grab what you need, and be back on the road in no time at all! Our Convenience Store is open each day from 6 AM to 10 PM, so come on in and experience the Auto Fuels Gas Station difference.