If you are passing through on the 101, Auto Fuels Gas Station is the perfect place for you to stop and top off your tank. With competitive gas pricing and an onsite car wash, Auto Fuels Gas station is the best spot to get gas in Oxnard.

With a touchless car wash on site, you can always leave here with a clean ride. We have one of the most competitively priced car washes in the area, with even our highest tier of car wash for less than $10.

Gasoline in Oxnard

When you get such a great deal on gas already, you might be thinking of saving some more money and washing your car yourself. But why would you do this when you can save $0.20 per gallon on your gas when you get one of the most competitively priced car washes in town?

A touchless wash uses high-pressure water to remove the dirt and filth safely away from your car’s surface while protecting its finish.

When you are done getting your car washed and filled up, make a quick stop into our convenience store to pick up some of your favorite snacks.

Touchless car wash by Auto Fuels in Oxnard.
Brushless car wash at Auto Fuels in Oxnard.

With some of the best pricing on gasoline in Oxnard and some of the cheapest diesel around as well, Auto Fuels Gas Station is a wonderful choice to accomplish all of your road tripping or commuting needs.