Advantageously located off of the Rice Avenue exit of the 101 Freeway, Auto Fuels is a top Gas Station near Hobson Park West in Oxnard and easily one of the best places to stop, fill up your tank with gasoline or diesel, and get back on the road in virtually no time at all. Our amiable and knowledgeable team is committed each day to providing top-tier service, and helping all customers have the best fueling experience possible.

One of our main priorities as an independently owned-and-operated gas station is to make it as easy as possible for our valued customers to get what they need without hassle or frustration. It is our belief that commuters deserve a better gas station experience than what is typically found in other parts of the city. The wonderful staff at our Hobson Park West, Oxnard gas station does a fantastic job of keeping the grounds tidy and the pumps clean and ready for use. We truly appreciate each guest that visits us, and are happy to provide any assistance required. When all is said and done, we know that you will be fully satisfied as we surpass even your loftiest expectations.

Auto Fuels Gas Station offers top-quality gasoline near Hobson Park West, Oxnard CA.
Gas station near Hobson Park West, Oxnard CA has clean convenience store.

Hobson Park West, Oxnard Gasoline and Diesel

At Auto Fuels, you can keep your gas tank full and your car exterior clean at a very reasonable cost. Besides keeping our gas and high-flow diesel competitively-priced, we also offer additional savings in conjunction with our brushless car wash packages. When you purchase a cost-effective wash, you’ll save $0.20 per gallon when you fuel up on the same trip.

When you stop by to refuel or use our touchless car wash, be sure to explore our Convenience Store to stock up on any items you need or want. Our store is designed to have something for everyone, from those in need of caffeine to snack lovers and more. As you browse through our offerings, you’ll find an incredible variety of food products as well as coffee & tea beverages, sports drinks, alcohol, and much more. We also have shelves filled with quality home supplies and auto supplies. For your convenience, we have a dependable ATM Machine for use as well.

Our staff puts in the effort and time required to properly maintain our Convenience Store, just like we do with our Gas Station near Hobson Park West, Oxnard as a whole. The restroom is a case in point, as we pay careful attention to keep it sanitary and clean for customers to use in comfort. We think you’d be hard pressed to find cleaner Gas Station restrooms anywhere else in the area.

Hobson Park West diesel is offered by Auto Fuels Gas Station at competitive pricing.
Auto Fuels offers top brand racing fuel near Hobson Park West, Oxnard CA.

Racing Fuel near Hobson Park West, Oxnard

Besides supplying top-quality gasoline near Hobson Park West, Oxnard that will propel you through your travels, we are also pleased to offer Sunoco Racing Fuel to help customers get peak performance on the racetrack. Come by to pick up all you need, and keep that checkered flag in your sights.

Top Gas Station near Hobson Park West, Oxnard – Auto Fuels

At Auto Fuels Gas Station, we are very proud of the exceptional service and products we provide to all that visit us. We work hard each and every day to ensure that we remain the best place to get gas near Hobson Park West, Oxnard. It has never been easier to fill up your tank, pick up supplies, and/or get your car washed and head to your next destination. If you have any questions regarding our Gas Station, please speak with one of our staff members or contact us at (805) 981-7733. We can’t wait to see you here.