Auto Fuels Gas Station offers top-quality E85 race fuel near West Mesa, Santa Barbara CA.
Sunoco race fuel near West Mesa, Santa Barbara is available to purchase at top gas station.

Racers across the City of Santa Barbara know all too well that filling their tanks with the right fuel can make the difference between cruising to victory and being left in the dust. An independent vendor of fuels that recognizes the significance of fuel quality, Auto Fuels Gas Station is thrilled to sell exceptional racing fuels at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for the best race fuel near Westside in Santa Barbara, there’s no better supplier than us.

Sunoco Race Fuels Near Me

Sunoco has long been an important brand in the racing scene. If you’re seeking to purchase Sunoco Race Fuel near Westside, Santa Barbara, we have plenty in stock at Auto Fuels. A popular pick among drivers, Sunoco SS 100 is unleaded, high octane, and legal on the streets of California. When compared with premium gasoline from the pump, this racing fuel can produce higher boost levels for both supercharged and turbocharged engines. Highly functional, Sunoco SS 100 can be used for not only modern performance cars but older models as well. If you’re in need of fuel for your ATV, kart, motorcycle, or another kind of smaller-engine vehicle, this Sunoco Race Fuel is once again a viable option to consider.

Sunoco SS 100 is also frequently used because it does not harm vehicles’ catalytic converter(s) or oxygen sensors. This fantastic Westside racing fuel is also devoid of metallic compounds and comes with an additive package meant to limit the build up of engine and fuel system deposits. It is also compatible with engines that use two-stroke synthetic and mineral-based oils. With so many advantages, Sunoco SS 100 is apt to be a popular choice for a long time to come.

Auto Fuels Gas Station provides a variety of race fuel near West Mesa, Santa Barbara.
Customers buy West Mesa racing fuels from Auto Fuels Gas Station.

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Sunoco SS 100 is just one racing fuel near West Mesa in Santa Barbara that we have for sale. Additional options that we have for our valued customers include E85, a mix of ethanol and gasoline that you can buy in 5-gallon pails. We encourage you to speak with one of our wonderful attendants about other products we carry. While you’re at Auto Fuels Gas Station to pick up race fuel, we recommend stopping in our well-stocked Convenience Store to purchase any other affordably-priced items you need.