Auto Fuels Gas Station provides a variety of race fuel near Windsor North River Ridge, Oxnard.
Auto Fuels Gas Station offers top-quality E85 race fuel near Windsor North River Ridge, Oxnard CA.

Racing enthusiasts throughout the City of Oxnard know that having the right fuel in their tanks can be the difference between capturing the checkered flag and being left in their opponents’ exhaust fumes. As an independent retailer that understands the importance of fuel quality, Auto Fuels Gas Station is pleased to offer premium racing fuels at competitive prices. If you’re in need of race fuel near Windsor North River Ridge in Oxnard, there’s no better place to shop.

Customers buy Windsor North River Ridge racing fuels from Auto Fuels Gas Station.
Sunoco race fuel near Windsor North River Ridge, Oxnard is available to purchase at top gas station.

Sunoco Race Fuel Near Me

If you’re looking for Sunoco Race Fuel near Windsor North River Ridge, Oxnard, you’ll find it readily available here at Auto Fuels. Strongly desired by many racers, Sunoco SS 100 is high octane, unleaded, and street-legal in the State of California. Part of what makes this racing fuel great is that, as compared to premium pump gasoline, it can achieve greater boost levels in turbocharged and supercharged engines alike. It’s also great because it can function well in older performance vehicles as well as more modern ones. In fact, Sunoco SS 100 is such a versatile fuel that it even works with motorcycles, karts, ATVs, and other vehicles with smaller engines.

Another important feature of Sunoco SS 100 is that using it won’t be damaging to your car’s oxygen sensors or catalytic converter(s). This premium Windsor North River Ridge racing fuel is also free of metallic compounds, and is formulated with an extensive additive package that helps to reduce the amount of fuel system and engine deposits that can build up. This Sunoco racing fuel is suitable to use with both mineral-based engine oils and two-stroke synthetic. Offering such valuable benefits, it’s not surprising that the SS 100 fuel is so enduringly popular.

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Sunoco SS 100 is just one racing fuel near Windsor North River Ridge in Oxnard that we offer. Among our other options is E85 (combination of ethanol and gasoline), which comes in 5-gallon pails. Please do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly attendants about other products that we currently have in stock. While you’re here, we also encourage you to fully explore our Convenience Store to pick up all of the food, drinks, and other supplies you may need. If your vehicle is in need of a good clean, we also have an affordably priced and effective Brushless Car Wash for the exterior as well as an effective Power Vacuum to clean the interior.